You want a career that satisfies your soul.

You want to level-up your leadership and leave an impact. Coaching is designed to do exactly that. It’s meant to breakthrough your normal. It’s designed to empower you to lead from a place of confidence and inspiration.

My clients are presidents of national associations, partners of creative studios, creative recruiting teams, HR professionals, healthcare practitioners, award-winning architects and master coaches. Leadership is the power of influence and is possible in any industry or career.


“Lisa’s energy is contagious! Working with Lisa helped me think outside the box and look beyond the stereotypical checklist of job requirements. She helped me look at opportunities that met my personal goals.

Her questions weren’t always easy but they made me think about what truly made me happy to go to work every day. I love how she gets to know you and customizes her approach to your needs.” 

Teri Wright, AIA, LEED AP

Why should I do this now?

My holistic coaching approach deals with the whole person, not just your business persona, you are more than who you are at work. People follow people who are giving, flawed and real. Want to be known for your thought leadership and personal brand? You need to be someone who communicates clearly and takes action.

At the end of our time together you’re going to have the support structure in place so that you’re outrageously clear in your personal commitments. This will give you a roadmap to guide all your decisions. Both in life and leadership.


A new career path with increased income and decreased hours… So you can finally have the flexibility in your days with the income that reflects your worth…

Greater ease and synergy with your team…Where everyone holds one another accountable to their tasks with a common goal of creating a positive impact on your clients’ lives…

A step by step game plan that outlines your annual growth goals… So you know where you are going and how to get there…

A healthier relationship with your work/life balance…And by that I mean, having a life…

It’s unreal where we can go together.

You owe it to the world to speak up. Your voice is needed.


What you need to win

Coaching is a surefire way to set you up for success in whatever area of life that you’re focused on right now.

There are no cookie-cutter strategies or goals here. Your life is a process, not a goal. Sure, we’ll have real strategies with real results for self-care, empowered leadership, and other areas you want to focus on.

But the real work takes place in deep conversations about who you want to be and what’s most important to you.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a hot trend in leadership right now.

When it’s done with purpose, it can create enormous results. Your personal brand is your thought leadership and your life’s work in action. It creates leadership opportunities, rewarding partnerships and prestige.

Your personal brand shines when you take decisive action that’s in alignment with your authentic way of being you.

But, if you are anything like me, you have a full plate. There is a laundry list of things you’d gladly put ahead of “finding my authentic voice.” You see the potential and possibilities of making a bigger impact in your life and career but need the energy and accountability to do so.

Together we’ll get clear on what your personal brand is using a proven process and how to communicate your intentions as a leader. We will also uncover your flavor of self-sabotage that holds you back. On top of my transformational leadership coaching, I bring 20 years of design thinking and brand strategy to the table. This gives you a unique blend of tools to craft your life and career by design…your design.

I work with clients that are ready to commit to transforming their lives and building their personal brand for six months.


Transformational Leadership Coaching

Taking on new responsibilities is a complex process. People look up to you for answers and inspiration because you’re future-focused. At the same time, you need motivation, accountability, and truth. I don’t sugar-coat my coaching. I’m your accountability partner to transform your mindset to reach your life and leadership goals and see actionable results.

These could include:

  • Up-leveling leadership skills: creating greater accountability, collaboration, influence, and measured risk-taking
  • Increased personal commitment and a greater trust throughout your company staff
  • Profitable growth
  • Increasing your personal commitment to self-care and awareness
  • Greater synergy and accountability with your team
  • A new career path with increased income and decreased hours
  • Five-year growth goal
  • Executed exit strategy
  • New relationship to work/life balance

What is the value of professional leadership coaching?

  • You’re operating at higher level and are poised for future growth
  • You have a greater sense of ownership and accountability
  • Your leadership is evident through your thinking, creativity and inspiration

Let’s get real: You’re responsible for your life and career. You have the power to influence positive change inside you. Together, let’s break through the stories of “how it’s always gone” and create your future from a place of empowerment.


#LiveBrightly Masterclass

Knowing your purpose is the most magnetic form of energy you can have.

#LiveBrightly Masterclass is where you will generate vivid clarity, personal branding and deep support to create your life by design.

Join my 8-week #LiveBrightly Masterclass that will leave you confident and inspired with a strategic plan to create your personal brand with purpose.


My Promise To You

You have my attention, 100% of the time. I’m trained to listen at an extraordinarily deep level and my branding background gives me the superpower to visualize your greatness at the highest level. I’m going to stand for your greatness. 100% of the time. Even if you don’t see it all the time, I do.

Disclaimer: We won’t be the right fit until you’re ready to invest in yourself… Ready to believe in possibility and are open to new ways of thinking. Sound kind of scary and exciting at the same time? It is! If you’re ready to start the conversation, let’s connect.


“I chose to work with Lisa because she has an arts background and understands the life and needs of a creative person. She has helped me set up life projects that have helped me move through my goals in both my arts career and my life. She understands the need as an artist to be open, curious and present and has helped me to understand that there is also room to be goal-oriented and on task.” – Karen Connell, Carmel Creative

“The true litmus test for leadership is volunteer leadership. It’s here that Lisa has impressed me and distinguished herself as someone who understands it’s not enough to have a great idea, but that’s it’s just as important to bring others along for the ride. Lisa has what it takes to inspire others to see themselves as stars in a common vision. Once you can do that you can do anything, and Lisa helps us do just that!” Russ Klein, CEO at The American Marketing Association

“Lisa has been incredibly instrumental during a very transitional phase of my life. I have always been a motivated person, but somehow Lisa has motivated me even beyond the expectations I have for myself. At the same time, she helps me to set reasonable goals and milestones, and talking with her every week holds me accountable for working toward my goals.” – Maura Winkler, Fika Midwifery

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PS. Interested in what's possible for you? Here are 4 ways we can work together so you can flourish.

  1. 1-on-1 Coaching: People look to you for answers and inspiration because you're future-focused. At the same time, you crave motivation and accountability. Want to grow your leadership and joy at the same time? Entrepreneurs, learn more. Executives, learn more.
  2. Just 1 session, please: Not ready to dive in, but want to dip your toe in the water? Let's have an intro session, no strings attached. Sign up.
  3. Be Bright Personal Branding Masterclass: Knowing and living your purpose is magnetic. Join my 8-week group masterclass where you'll generate a strategic plan for your personal brand with purpose. Sign up.
  4. Coming Soon - Divine Design Mastermind: An inclusive group for highly ambitious women who crave greater possibilities and personal power.