Personal branding and purpose masterclass for creative executives and entrepreneurs

Want to Plan Your Future with Purpose? Check Out this Masterclass.

How’s 2020 going? Are you able to focus on work and growth during the pandemic? Or are you wondering what’s next for you, and feeling a little overwhelmed?


If you’re interested in creating a heart-centered plan for your future during this uncertain time, then you may want to take the time to create a personal brand that deeply resonates with you and your bigger life purpose. If so, I have a Masterclass for you.  ( If you don’t know if you have a personal brand, check here first.)


I’m hosting the Be Bright Personal Branding Masterclass this spring, and it’s all about defining your purpose and creating a personal branding platform through marketing, branding, social media, content development and all of the strategies and expertise I have.


It’s 8-weeks, 1-hour a week, totally doable. Here’s what we are going to create in weeks 1-2.


This personal branding masterclass is for you if you know there is more for your career or your business, but you are tired, maybe overwhelmed.


You’re stuck in your head, going in circles with So. Many. Ideas. I hear you. I feel you.


Knowing your purpose is the most magnetic form of energy you can have.


It shines a light on your path and wakes you up in the morning. Together we are going to get super clear on your desires and impact, then make them a reality. It’s more than wishing, it’s strategic and deliberate action. I’d love to have you join me in a small intimate group.


If you are feeling called to create this for yourself, take a look, see if it’s a fit.


I really believe in this work, it’s super exciting for me when somebody deeply resonates with their purpose and then shares it with the people they want to impact and make a difference in the world. In weeks 3-6 of the masterclass we are diving into defining your personal brand commitment. We’re vision casting your future, refining and getting to work.



What platform do you want to create for yourself this year that radiates your thought leadership and personal brand? Is it on LinkedIn? Instagram? Or (gasp) in-person??


I’ll lead you through my exclusive personal branding model with an emphasis on messaging and content development for websites, and social media like Instagram and LinkedIn.


I’ll share personal branding and industry best practices that will leave you confident and in alignment with your soul’s desires. Be THAT person, your voice so needed on our planet.


Join me for an 8-week #LiveBrightly Masterclass. Selfishly my intention is to teach leadership in all aspects of your life through authentic self-awareness and in personal branding with marketing tools that are going to rock your world.


Class size is limited and I only host class once a quarter.

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PS. Interested in what's possible for you? Here are 4 ways we can work together so you can flourish.

  1. 1-on-1 Coaching: People look to you for answers and inspiration because you're future-focused. At the same time, you crave motivation and accountability. Want to grow your leadership and joy at the same time? Entrepreneurs, learn more. Executives, learn more.
  2. Just 1 session, please: Not ready to dive in, but want to dip your toe in the water? Let's have an intro session, no strings attached. Sign up.
  3. Be Bright Personal Branding Masterclass: Knowing and living your purpose is magnetic. Join my 8-week group masterclass where you'll generate a strategic plan for your personal brand with purpose. Sign up.
  4. Coming Soon - Divine Design Mastermind: An inclusive group for highly ambitious women who crave greater possibilities and personal power.