What’s outside of my comfort zone

I was asked to give a hour-long presentation to a group from AT&T this week.

The topic is “How to Coach Your Dreams into Reality.” And at first I thought, “Oh my gosh! An hour is so long!”

And then I thought, “Oh my gosh, I’m not going have enough time!”

I had all the reasons why I could and why I couldn’t do this (funny how my ego trips me up even after all of my training, but hey, I’m human too).

After I called myself on my sh*t, I started to dig in: how do you actually get from where you are today, point A, to where you are going, point B? And in the middle, how do you create it so you enjoy the process? Or, let’s elevate, what if you LOVED the process?

At the end of the video I share what’s in-and outside of my comfort zone…you may be shocked.

What’s in your comfort zone that may be outside of someone else’s?

I’d love to hear because these little nuggets are make you so unique, so different, and so authentically you.

The sketches I share in the video are really quick mindset shifts that I would love to share with you more deeply.

What does your comfort zone look like?

What do you like to snuggle up to and stay quiet, or hidden, or not be bothered, or are afraid of doing?

We have a comfort zone to protect ourselves and our heart.

Everyone has a comfort zone, it’s a shield of protection, but the opportunity is to expand your capacity to be with more in your life.

To escape your limiting beliefs and level-up your career or start that business you’ve been dying too, but have all the reasons why not.

What’s outside of our comfort zone that may be inside somebody else’s? Here’s some of the sketches I’m working on.


What life coaching looks like

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