Should I hire a creative career coach?

When Jen Naye Herrmann and I started working together in November 2017 she was a marketing manager at MillerCoors in Chicago. As an innovative marketing executive, she rose up the corporate ladder quickly because of her passion and digital analytics experience.

She is also the creator of Girl Meets Party, a lifestyle blog and micro-influencer in entertaining, home decor and lifestyle events.

She, like most of my clients, is a high performing, driven and ambitious woman, so I sat down with her to ask her why she hired a creative leadership coach.

Why should I hire a creative career coach?

“I needed someone who would get into the weeds with me and get their hands dirty, re-energize my creativity and my inspiring personality.”– Jen Herrmann

Most of my clients find me where they are tired and frustrated with how life is going for them in their career or creativity.

In the video below Jen shares that she decided to hire a creative career coach when she was no longer filling fulfilled in her corporate career, she was stuck in her professional life and in her side business. She felt desperate and ready to find someone to reenergize her creativity and hold her accountable.

“I was cautious as a marketer not to fall in love with the beautiful side of Be Bright Lisa, and I interviewed you and two other people and found that you were the only person who made me uncomfortable in the best way possible.

You started asking me “Why?” and I knew that’s exactly what had been missing, and that’s why I felt my wheels spinning.”– Jen Herrmann

As a high performer and a bit of a perfectionist, Jen is known to go beyond what’s expected to be extremely successful at work and put in 20 hours on her side hustle. Her personal expectations of herself were unrealistic.

Her husband called her out, he reflected that Jen presented herself as a beautiful book, but in her personal life, when you open the book and look at the inside, “it’s a mess, haphazard and causing chaos.”


  • Our work helped her understand where she was triggered and how to intentionally practice living through those moments.
  • “Coaching was a game changer for our marriage, I didn’t realize there were ways we could level-up as a couple.”
  • When Jen is coming from her most authentic self, she is able to perform at a higher level and “magically” accomplish even more highly focused work. “I’m happiest, I don’t feel tired, I don’t feel overworked.”



Jen and I have continued to work together on a monthly basis and since this interview she has:

  • Left her corporate marketing manager job with a ground-breaking compensation package
  • Grown her family by one, she had a girl!
  • Opened up an event and studio space for her lifestyle brand
  • Dedicated herself to Girl Meets Party full-time

If you know someone who is highly ambitious, creative and looking for accountability and direction, forward them this video because creative career coaching may be a fit for them.

And Jen, it’s a joy to see you light up whatever you touch.

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