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Everyday advice from Lisa…

Mom as Leader: Moments before taking Catalina home from the hospital I had a panic attack. Doctors rushed in, oxygen was given. My left eye swelled shut and I was quarantined. 

What was going on?? Never mind my body was completely rejecting me, how was I going to survive with another baby? I had two stepkids, a creative business, how was I going to do it all? 

This was me: mom, stepmom, wife, female entrepreneur, mid-30-something, creative, the list goes on. The pressure of being perfect at all of these roles was overwhelming. I was exhausted. I had lost my inner being, my authentic sense of self. My body literally stopped me in my tracks. 

It took a team of doctors, two life coaches, a Buddhist monk to finally surrender my perfectionism.

“Having it all” looks different for every mother. Know that this is your life, you only have one, how you choose to fill your days, your mindset, and who you are being about it “all” is your choice. Be you, be the leader of your life. 

I so appreciate of my mom community and all the support that we as mothers need to raise these little muffins to be the best humans they can possibly be. Congratulations to The Everymom who is launching their community in April!

Play as Leader: I pulled a card from my angel tarot deck today which said, “too much going on at once. The need to make a decision. Consider a more playful approach.”

So I did. I booked tickets to San Antonio next month to play in the sunshine. 

Sometimes it takes small moments of insight to make big decisions that are reflective of your true self.

Holy cow you are gorgeous! You be you, I’ll be me. We’ll both listen, be respectful, share and get into action to make this world a better place…together. 

We have two homes: our body and our earth. 

Let’s take care of both like it’s our only job.

9 years ago I started my brand design studio Step Brightly. NINE YEARS!

Wow, I’m both proud and honored to have worked with SO many amazing businesses, brands and most importantly people. Thank you thank you to those that trusted me with your brand, it’s a beautiful moment when we launch that baby into the world.

Thank you for sharing your business with me, it’s a powerful place to partner with such heart-warming people.

And what I’m really present to is Chicago, and how embracing this city is to female entrepreneurs.  I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for all of us! “Make life a party.” photo from @studiodiy


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