What Successful women entrepreneurs are committed to

I reached out to successful women entrepreneurs and asked them what they are committed to creating in their brands and businesses. What came back was so incredibly inspiring! These women Just. Get. It.


They are leading from their heart, being proactive towards their goals and sharing from a place of connection and expertise. From an interior designer, and photographer to a leader in the co-working industry and a personal branding guru I’m thrilled to share their insight. But first….


What are you most committed to in your business? If I looked at your calendar or your to-do list, what would I think you are committed to creating in your business?


I want to share an ah-ha moment with you:

Busy is Lazy.


Hear me out. You are running around in circles, but not really going anywhere. Maybe you are doing a hell of a lot of work, but your bank account doesn’t reflect that, consider that you are just being busy.


Being busy: unfocused, occupied, excessive, overwhelmed, working hard (doesn’t sound like a lot of fun).


Sure there is good busy and bad busy, this isn’t a new concept. Tim Ferris of The 4-Hour Work Wek has said it, Rich Litvin has said it, but consider when you are busy you are not focused on the big picture and what you are committed to creating in your brand and business. Consider that you may not even know what you are committed to.


Instead of sharing what not to do and how not to be busy, there are more than enough blog posts out there to give you 10 ways to prioritize! 5 ways to save time!


ps: those are a waste of time.


So, let’s dig in. A BIG thank you goes out every one that shared with me, and now I want to share their insights with you. At the end of the post, I have a few ideas you can walk away with today to find your brand commitment.


Claire Staszak is a Chicago-based interior designer known for her holistic design process that combines a refined aesthetic with wellness principles. She defines her brand as creative, centered and collaborative, you can see these moments throughout her work and on her Instagram. I asked her what she is most committed to creating in her business:

“Find your personal sanctuary” is my business motto, but also my life goal (and my goal for my clients). I think we all know inner peace only comes from within, but external factors play a role in our everyday lives, and I believe that good design and living practices that make you feel centered and whole will lead to a life where your personal sanctuary exists daily and not just on vacation or a mountain top.”


And then there is Nicole Vasquez, and her 3 businesses: The Shift and Second Shift are physical coworking spaces, and Deskpass is a membership service that provides you access to 135+ of the finest workspaces in Chicago, LA, NYC, Denver, and Austin.

“I am on a mission for everyone to know about coworking, and to experience the many personal and professional benefits of coworking such as: increase in productivity, ability to achieve work/life balance, increase in employee happiness & retention, opportunities for collaboration and naturally occurring networking – just to name a few!”


She is obviously committed to supporting small businesses and promoting individuals doing great things in Chicago.


What I learned:

Brand Commitment = Peace
Brand Commitment = Knowing
Brand Commitment = Inspiration
Brand Commitment = Your personal mantra
Brand Commitment = Productivity
Brand Commitment = Balance
Brand Commitment = Opportunity


Leading your business from what you are most committed to creating for yourself and your clients, makes it easy for people to believe in you and work with you. It’s a no-brainer. I see this time and time again: branding makes marketing a no-brainer. It saves time in the sales process, you become a trusted friend, advisor, confidant and artist because people can SEE who you are.


I asked freelance writer and photographer Alisha Sommer what she is most committed to in her business:

“I am most committed to facilitating experiences for women to explore their creative voice. I firmly believe that everyone has a story that’s worth telling. I want to create space for people to devote time to finding those stories and cultivating the courage to tell them.”


What I learned:

Brand Commitment = Creativity
Brand Commitment = Expansive time


And then there is Jessica Zweig, who you know from the Fear Paradox and our SimplyBe Bright event last year. She recently launched her personal brand platform JessicaZweig.com which stands for self-love, self-expression, the power of authenticity and the triumphs (and perils) of being a woman boss.


She is most committed to creating a positive, affirming culture for women.

“My #1 priority is the happiness of my team, which has grown to 5 in the last 11 months! I firmly believe in the phrase: “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” If your team isn’t thriving, feeling confident, contributing ideas with boldness and feeling valued, then your business won’t grow. Or at least, grow as fast and successfully as it can. To me, my team is the foundation of all that we plan to accomplish now into the infinite future.”


What I learned:

Brand Commitment = Growth
Brand Commitment = Confidence
Brand Commitment = Culture
Brand Commitment = Team


So maybe you are thinking, “Ok Lisa, I got it, but….(enter list of circumstances of why you can’t focus on your brand).


Maybe you think time restraints are your problem, or lack of confidence is your issue, or that your strategy is the issue, but really, those things are only symptoms of your problem. None of them are your problem. Your problem is your brand, or lack of one to be blunt.


Knowing what you are most committed to in your brand and business gives you the power to be bolder, reach further, grow your business with confidence, power, and direction. All the while being in alignment with what you value most.


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