How to Build Momentum in Your Business: Even if You Don’t Like to Sell

Are you a creative small business or solopreneur who’s tired of battling deadlines, marketing and your own expectations of perfectionism?


It’s one thing to fly by the seat of your pants without a plan, but what’s that going to look like in a year?


These are the real issues you face every day. How you deal with these barriers will make or break your business.


So if you’re looking for freedom, confidence and long-term success, you need a brand made with purpose.

I want to invite you to my free branding mini-course, but a heads up!


It is not about traditional branding. It’s deeper, it’s a soul connection and a powerful relationship to how you are going to do business. Learn how to break through the barriers that are holding you back and carve out your own path.

But, first, let me share a little bit before we dive in. I’m Lisa Guillot, I’m a brand strategist for creative businesses, the founder of Step Brightly and Be Bright Lisa Coaching. I coach women leaders and entrepreneurs to live their best lives, create their dream businesses and brands.


I grew up in a small college town in Missouri. My dad was an orthopedic surgeon and bluegrass musician. My mom a nurse and fabric artist. They were both, precise, professional, creative and eclectic all at once.

When I was 18 I moved to San Francisco. I went to school and worked in the design industry during the dot.com boom and crash. Massive learning during this time!


As my career grew I recognized I wanted a place at the table with business leaders. So I took all of my big brand and marketing expertise from San Francisco and Chicago and poured it into my own brand studio. It was my dream to serve women-owned business in creating their brands from start to finish. And so, in 2009 my brand studio, Step Brightly was born.


Which means I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

Listen. You might be thinking that time restraints are your problem. Or that a lack of confidence or focus is your issue. Or that marketing is the issue… But those are only symptoms of the problem. Those are barriers holding you back from what is really possible in your brand and business.


The real problem is lack of a true brand commitment.


In this 4-part free video series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a brand that builds confidence

  • Focus in on your big idea every day

  • Break through the barriers that are holding you back


So click here to get instant access to the first video. Let’s build brand full of possibility and do more of what you love.


See you there.

LisaGuillot-circleHi there, I’m Lisa Guillot. I’m a life, brand + business coach, and brand strategist. I help ambitious heart-centered people create a life by design with intention, experience, and insight. I coach clients one-on-one as well as work with businesses to help elevate their staff experience and motivations. Interested in seeing what’s possible for you? Drop me a line and we’ll connect. My life purpose is to be fully-expressed in everything I do. I share insights, ideas and behind the scenes of my life and business on InstagramPinterest and LinkedIn.


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