4 secrets from a brand coach

It’s time to get clear on what a brand IS and what it is NOT. Now before you go asking yourself  “Lisa who are you to tell me what a brand is?”

Hold up there honey,

  • I’ve been in the brand and marketing industry for 20 years.
  • I’m on the American Marketing Association Practitioners Council
  • I’ve been on the board of directors for AIGA. The largest design association in the world.


So I know a thing or two about branding and a brand is NOT visuals, messages, logos, websites or cleverly designed sales funnel. Nope.

A brand is an emotional commitment you make to yourself and your clients and customers. When you’re committed to something it’s seen in everything you do. It’s who you are and how you move through the world. That’s something that can be seen… felt…heard and shared.

I’ve shared 3 simple ways to make a big brand impact here, but today we aren’t talking typical branding and don’t get me wrong, those things are needed, but should only take place AFTER you have these 4 must-have items in place:


1) Define your personal leadership style.

Who do you need to be to create the business you want to be running?

I push my clients to be the leader they need to be in the future, today. That means looking at how you take care of your biggest business asset: YOU.

About a year ago I was working all the time. I neglected my health. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and it cost me. I created a stress-related virus that never goes away and pops up on my skin and in my eye when I’m stressed out. My body literally shows me that it’s overworked. I have a scar in my cornea and have to wear one contact lens to help flatten the vision in my eye (pretty ironic that a designer loses her eyesight right?) That was my wake-up call. It took a lot of coaching and self-awareness but I’ve transformed how I approached self-care. I’ve recreated my personal leadership style from a place of compassion and purpose for myself first, so I can then serve others.

Think Arianna Huffington and her commitment to sleep. Or Dan Harris and his commitment to being happier with meditation.

High-level leaders don’t talk about the hustle or the grind. They work hard and recognize to succeed you need to recover, reset and rejuvenate.

Developing your brand, business and leadership style from who you are is going to keep you at your A-game. Invest in your growth as a business leader, hire a coach. Create from the future you.


2) Get Clarity… Personal Brand Clarity

If you don’t have clarity on who you are and what you are selling… doing… sharing… no one else will get it either. Brand clarity is what’s going to make or break your business.

I invite my clients to come up with 1-2 words that showcase their brand’s commitment. This is their go-to phrase that they use to make all branding decisions. In turn, it shapes how they craft their business model and marketing strategy. Imagine knowing your brand commitment, and starting your day with a solid intention on what is important and how to prioritize your day so you can meet that commitment. Imagine being able to see a photograph and knowing instantly if it fits your brand or not. That’s the type of clarity I’m talking about.

Being clear in your brand commitment is going to save you time, money and energy. It’s helped me multiple times when I’m pitching a new client or project. I get really clear on what my intentions are and then make a choice or recommendation.


3) Marketing without a brand is a moot point

Marketing is a series of tactics and data that leads your audience to take a specific action.

Ever notice how the Facebook newsfeed is jammed with “How to nail your FB ads!” , “Learn these 3 ways to build your email list now!” or “Build your first funnel and make it rain clients!” Those are tactics, which are meaningless without a brand commitment.

You need to know who you are, what your company or organization is committed to and share from that place.

That’s what makes meaningful connections and creates a raging tribe.

It’s important your tribe knows you’re here to help. Your voice is what your audience needs to hear. There are people out in the world looking for you. People who need to hear what you have to say.

You need to be able to connect with them from a place of authenticity, which is exactly what understanding your brand commitment does.


4) Here are 4 more free tips in this video series to get you started.

First I created this Free Branding Mini-Video Course with you in mind. I want you to take a look at how you can build momentum in your business. Talk about making an impact! These 4 videos are a sure-fire way to get started. Even if you are new to your business, or new to branding, this is an easy digestible free video course that will walk you through the first steps to crafting your brand. Check it out here.


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