Bright Spots: July

As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words. These are some bright spots I shared this past month on Instagram with tips, musings, and fun tidbits I think you’ll like. Follow along here.


1.) One of the most transformative life goals we can achieve? Learning to let that shit go.

2.) Woo-woo alert. I followed the lunar calendar this past month based on the intentional ideas of Ezzie at Lunar Abundance, who I first heard about on the Being Boss podcast (subscribe now if you haven’t already, this is my favorite podcast for creative entrepreneurs.) At the start of the New Moon I set my intention for the month and based on the lunar cycle, I took action during certain moments to move my intention forward. Woo-woo, yes. But I love it, and why not right? There’s no pain and plenty to gain in trying something new!

3.) You are beautiful and there is nothing you can do about it. My client, Bridget, worked with Matthew Hoffman of You Are Beautiful to create this beautifully impactful and positive sign on the side of her studio in Three Oaks, Michigan. How can you not smile when you see this? Thought this was a nice reminder for you to go forth, you beautiful person.

4.) “Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.” My kids’ favorite song reminds me of a client conversation I had about getting out of a sticky situation. Business isn’t always smooth sailing, sometimes you have to have the hard conversation to get past the rough weather. Smooth sailing requires planning for the rough weather, having processes in place and being clear with your crew of your intentions, and goals to create the experience that brings everyone joy. Love you Bruno Mars!

5.) The power of saying YES. How different would your life be if you said yes to everything this week? Get uncomfortable, get in the thick of it, get real. I had this conversation with a client this past month, and it all came down to saying yes to the thing that the universe shows us, pay attention to it, listen and react. How does that change your day?

6.) Summer evenings are for picnics with the kids and dreaming of this kantha coverlet from Hand and Cloth. What are your favorite summer traditions and memories?


I would love to know your bright spots were from this past month, share them with me in the comments or over on Instagram


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