3 Small Branding Changes That Make a Big Impact

You know your brand exists beyond your computer screen, right? Sure you do, because I’ve told you time and again, your brand is much more than a logo and colors, it’s about the commitment you make to yourself and your audience every day. 

But when it comes to fully extending your brand and making it a holistic experience for your clients, you still might be inside the preverbal box.

Make no mistake, being your brand is no easy process, it takes a lot of introspection, testing, throwing ideas out the window, and making fearful decisions, but there are a few smaller, outside-the-box changes that can make a big difference in truly being your brand.

3 easy branding steps to make an impact

Small Change 1: Brand your Project Process

Admin work usually translates to major eye rolling for the creative-minded entrepreneur.

But, as we all know, invoicing, time tracking, and putting together proposals is part of business. Thankfully the era of technology has resulted in tons of awesome tools that make the blend of business and life so much easier for us eye rollers.

I have my favorites like Basecamp for communicating and project management, and Slack for keeping a journal handy on every device with Forth Chicago. But when it comes to those not-so-glamourous, but 100% necessary, invoices, I thank my lucky stars that Freshbooks just get it. 

From estimates to time-tracking reports, FreshBooks knows the importance of keeping your branding consistent throughout the entire process, that’s why you can you add your logo to an invoice and put your own touches on their ready-to-use templates.

It’s a detail, but having your brand be present on every touchpoint of your client process is what sets you apart as a bonafide professional and shows people that you mean business.

Small Change 2: Brand Your Surroundings

Being your brand also means being mindful of the ways your aesthetics are reflected in your surrounding.

Our friend, Hilary Carpenter, owner of Estera Events and Estera Style, is the one who clued me in on this tidbit, and it’s a rule I’ve stuck to ever since. Hilary does not meet clients at {insert mass produced coffee shop} because although there’s one on every corner, that doesn’t align with her brand. Hilary wants her clients to know they are getting the unique Estera experience, so she meets in locations that appeal to her brand’s visual aesthetic.

Listen, it doesn’t have to be five-star hotel lobbies and Uber black cars (unless that’s in line with your brand, of course), this is the era of small businesses with unique atmospheres that are perfect for meetings and gatherings, so take advantage of it. If you’re in Chicago, a couple places that come to mind include Soho HouseLa Colombe, and Julius Meinl.

Then there are spaces that cater directly to the needs of entrepreneurs by allowing you to rent out small meeting rooms or a corporate-style conference room for a few hours, like Workshop Chicago, or consider booking straight from Desktime, an app that makes it painless to rent shared spaces, empty desks, conference rooms or entire offices on your time schedule so you can get down to business in an environment where you’ll thrive.

Keeping your brand aligned with your surroundings provides a natural harmony and gives confidence to your clients that hire you.

Small Change 3: Brand Your Look

A question I always ask my brand coaching clients is where they shop and where their clients shop. I ask this because presenting yourself (aka: your outfit and look) in the same manner you present your brand not only gives you rockstar confidence, but it also shows your clients that you’re connected with your brand.

One of the organizations I’ve helped support perfectly exemplifies this concept. Dress for Success is an organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire and a network of support to help women thrive in work and life.

When these women receive professional clothing that makes them feel good and look their best, they perform outstandingly in interviews and in their jobs.

This just solidifies the idea that what you wear is more than just a fashion statement, it’s a way to enhance your confidence and express the power you possess.

Lisa Guillot is a brand strategist and life coach for ambitious heart-centered people

Entrepreneurs, can you see how being your brand should be woven into every aspect of what you do? 

Don’t let it overwhelm you, start with these small changes, and once you start, you’ll see how slight changes in the details can attract the right clients and add up to big differences in the growth and success of your business.

It all boils down to starting small, thinking big, and growing bright, you’ve got this.


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