5 Signs Your Brand Needs a Refresh

Whether you’re a creature of habit or a person who hates routine, we all need change.

It’s why we add sun-kissed highlights to brighten up our look in the summer. It’s why we switch up our lipstick color to reflect our mood, or buy a new party dress every year.

We make these changes because looks matter, and they matter in business, too.

Although these changes are small, they make us feel renewed and give us an extra pep in our step, and refreshing your brand can do the same thing.

Here are 5 signs it might be time to refresh your brand, and if these ring true, you’ll want to make sure to get deeper insight on how to strike that emotional connection with your audience at the bottom of this post.

But first let’s answer: What is a brand? A brand is the holistic experience that your customer or client has with your business. Successful brands create an emotional experience with their audience through consistent messaging, emotion and design choices.

1.) I DIY’d My Brand = it’s time for a brand refresh

You have to start somewhere, but if your brand design is still the same as it was from the day you launched your business 5 years ago, your brand is due for a facelift.

When first starting your business you usually don’t have the resources to invest in a well-executed design strategy, which typically results in a very homegrown, grassroots, my-cousin-designed-the-logo brand.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having a brand with a down-to-earth aesthetic, look at TOMS or LUSH, but having a brand that screams “I DIY’d this!” without the aid of a professional design team (Like TOMS and LUSH have), isn’t doing your business any favors.


 2.) I’m Not Excited About My Brand Anymore = it’s time for a brand refresh

This is pretty straightforward, however you would be surprised how many years you can maintain a brand that doesn’t fire you up because you’re too busy working in the mechanics of your business.

But let’s ask the obvious question here, if you’re not thrilled with your brand, who else will be?


3.) My Sales Have Plateaued = it’s time for a brand refresh

I have seen so many awesome businesses fail in the last few years, from huge retail shops to small local businesses. Business owners: your idea alone won’t make your business a success, selling it will.

Customers who are emotionally invested in your brand will sing your graces and encourage others to buy, but people will only make the leap to buy and share things if it’s something they love.

Create a brand worth talking about and sharing, your sales will flow from there.


4.) My Services Have Changed = it’s time for a brand refresh

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and think about what you were offering when you first launched.

While you’re most likely in the same realm of business (like finance, event planning, or health), you may have a different focus that’s not reflected in your brand.

For example, you started off by offering one-on-one consultations, but now you offer community groups such as bootcamps and small group trainings as well as some informational products. Your brand needs to reflect the multi-dimensional offerings your business offers today.

5.) My Brand is Not Me = it’s time for a brand refresh

Your brand design should be 100% you. Period.

Your story is unique, the way you run your business is unique, and you better believe your expertise is unique because everyone has something slightly different to offer whether it be through their education, personal philosophies, or personality.

So why would you incorporate cookie cutter logos or stock photography to make up the essential elements of your brand design? You don’t want your customer or clients to think they are receiving cookie cutter services from you.

Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks in the visual design department to sync up with the emotional driving force behind your brand, and make your business the powerhouse it is. Sometimes your brand needs an overhaul.


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